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Shiny Shacks is a small business with no desire to be big.

Our Story is a simple one...

Boy meets girl, they buy an Airstream, and begin a life of adventure.


Brad & Susan Taylor
5872 Angle Dr NE
Salem OR 97317

A very long time ago we purchased our first vintage trailer. It was a 1961 Streamline 28', it was too big. So we bought a 1963 Streamline 24', it was too rough. So we bought a 1953 Airstream Flying Cloud, it was perfect! A quick 5 week restoration which included replacing 50% of the sub floor got us to our first vintage trailer rally in August of 2007.

We were hooked! We joined the Tin Can Tourists, The Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailer Club, and The Wally Byam Caravan Club International. We attend on average 15 rallies a year From California to Canada. We have met so many great and incredible people, seen trailers that simply astound, and traveled roads we never would have seen if not for this hobby. I know that this vagabond lifestyle is not for everyone but if you have an once of wanderlust in you I can not fathom a better way to satisfy it.

From the very beginning I was absorbed by these vintage trailers. I began seeking them out, I drug them out of the mud and pulled them out of blackberry bushes.  I would bring them home and breathe new life into them. I have not kept count but close to 200 old trailers have passed through my hands over the years.

I often say nothing on a vintage trailer is "off the shelf' or "out of the box" . The challenge of locating vintage parts and pieces or figuring out how to recreate them has kept my mind fresh.



As I began learning about and working on vintage trailers I developed a bit of a reputation. Pretty much I was a trailer nerd. Although my interest is in all vintage trailers I have a particular affinity for the "aluminum sisters" (Airstream, Curtis Wright, Silver Streak, and Streamline). As a history buff the circumstances and events that brought both rise and fall to these manufacturers was of particular interest to me. My reputation as the guy that knows Airstreams soon had people bringing their trailers to me for repair, remodeling, and restoration. 

After all these years I am preparing myself for retirement. I have 10 more trailers to finish before I hang up my hat and hit the road.

If you are ever in the area feel free to give me a ring and come on by. I am typically here unless we are at a rally or I am doing some remote work.

If you have read this far I applaud you and hope to see you sometime at a rally. 




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