This is the most unusual rally you will ever attend! This is a field camping event set on the grounds of a Heritage Park made up of a collection of 9 museums. If that was not crazy enough the facilities are shared with the largest Civil War reenactment west of the Mississippi. 


Your Trailer Will Be Part Of A Living Museum


Be prepared to see some seriously mind altering things. Not only are there the antics of vintage trailer folks but hoop dresses, infantry marches, and canon fire add to the mayhem!

Field Camping - No Assigned Sites

This is not an RV Park and there are no set 'sites' meaning there are no traditional hook up services. There are a number of faucets located around the trailer area that allow for water hook up. However bring long and/or additional water hoses as well as a splitter if you can. Power is provided via a diesel generator. Power boxes will be strung out amongst the trailers but you will want to have extra power cords to insure you can reach them.  


No Reservations - Pay When You Arrive


You are welcome to arrive anytime after noon on Thursday July 1st and stay up till noon on Tuesday July 6th. The bulk of activities will be on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Not only will the Civil War battles be going on those days but the park will be open to the public as well. You are invited to show your trailer but not required to, Non vintage tow vehicles will be parked away from the trailers when the park is open.

The Brass Tacks

Your hosts on this adventure are long time trailerites Brad & Susan Taylor. 

The cost of the rally is $40/night. For this you get your site, free admission to all museums, free coffee each morning, free apple pie Friday, free seminars, free dinner Saturday, free milk shakes Sunday and a welcome seat around any one of the many nightly fire pits. Oh and swag!