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She Is The Boss

Susan is the ultimate authority. What she says goes. If you are asked to do something please comply in a polite manner. We are guests of the Heritage Park and you are our guests. 

Decorate Your Space

We encourage you to decorate your trailer and  surrounding area. It is acceptable to place items for sale in a "garage Sale" manner around your trailer. Be cautious of awning ropes. Be Respectful of trailers next to you. Remember that we will have visiting members of the public during the day Saturday through Monday.


Pets Are Welcome


Vintage trailers and dogs seem to go hand in hand. Pets of all kinds are welcome. We ask that they be on leash and monitored particularly while the park is open to the public. Although there are no fireworks allowed in the park keep in mind there will be simulated gun and canon fire coming from the reenactments nearby.

We ask you to be courteous to others in regards to your pet. There will be a lot of people and other animals present. If your pet is not well behaved around other animals or people you may wish to leave them at home or park your trailer far from others.

Camp Fires

Due to the historic nature of the equipment and buildings around the Heritage Park there are to be no traditional camp fires. However non-ember propane fire pits are allowed.


Who & What Is Allowed?


As this picture illustrates pretty much anyone and everyone is welcome. You can be crazy just not obnoxious. As far as trailers go any and all trailers are welcome. Non-vintage trailers will be asked to park in a separate area. In many ways a field rally is a self policing event. Let common sense rule the day. Be mindful that others may not rise as early or hit the hay as late as you. Be polite and if that fails talk to Susan or Brad. 

What Is In Your Glass?

As the Heritage Park is a public facility and members of the public will be present throughout the day open consumption of alcohol is discouraged. Be discreet and do not become visibly inebriated. Never, we mean never ask Brad what is in his glass...

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